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    • Defining Childhood Severe Falciparum Malaria for Intervention Studies 

      Bejon, Philip; Berkley, James A; . Mwangi, Tabitha; Ogada, Edna; Mwangi, Isaiah; Maitland, Kathryn; Williams, Thomas; Scott, J. Anthony G.; English, Mike; Lowe, Brett S.; Peshu, Norbert; Newton, Charles R. J. C.; Marsh, Kevin (PLOS, 2007-08-21)
      Background Clinical trials of interventions designed to prevent severe falciparum malaria in children require a clear endpoint. The internationally accepted definition of severe malaria is sensitive, and appropriate for ...
    • HIV, Malnutrition and Invasive Bacterial Infection among Children with Severe Malaria 

      Berkley, James A; Bejon, Philip; Mwang, Tabitha; Gwer, Samson; Maitland, Kathryn; Williams, Thomas N; Mohammed, Shebe; Osier, Faith; Kinyanjui, Samson; Fegan, Greg; Lowe, Brett S; English, Mike; Peshu, Norbert; Marsh, Kevin; Newton, Charles RJC (Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2009-08-01)
      Abstract Background—HIV infection, malnutrition and invasive bacterial infections (IBI) are reported among children with severe malaria. However, it is unclear whether their co-occurrence with falciparum parasitization ...