Recent Submissions

  • Outreach Programs in Libraries 

    Maua, Michael (2014-06-22)
    Marketing and outreach are not separable. They are directly related to one another. The more marketing one does, the more results you will have. Outreach follows this same premise. Create a marketing plan for the library, ...
  • Scholarly Publishing and Open Access 

    Wanyenda, Chilimo (2013-11-06)
    The practice of providing un-restricted access via the Internet to peer reviewed scholarly journal articles There are two primary vehicles for delivering OA to research articles Open Access Journals Self-archiving
  • Demystifying Open Access Publishing 

    Kinyanjui, Sam (2013-11-06)
    The need to publish is embedded in the general principle of willingness to share and communicate scientific endeavor's with others
  • Motivation for the Adoption of Open Source Software in Kenya Academic Libraries 

    Maua, Michael; Mwiti, Tonny (2013-09-06)
    The paper seeks to demystify the misty of selected software by explaining the skills, facilities, equipment and economic sustainability required for the University library to realize the acquisition, installation, and ...
  • Combining quantitative and qualitative methods in ICT and sustainable livelihoods research 

    Chilimo, Wanyenda L (2009)
    The efficacy of information and communication technology (ICT) projects and initiatives in developing countries, and how they may contribute to sustainable livelihoods and improve the quality of life for communities is ...