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    • Geology of the IthangaHills are in Kenya 

      Mathu, E.M.; Tole, M. P. (Elsevier, 1984)
      The geology of the IthangaHillsarea is composed of high grade late Precambrian metamorphic rocks of the Mozambique belt, Tertiary (?) volcanics, largely tuffs, that overlie the Mozambiquian rocks unconformably and Recent ...
    • Geology of the IthangaHills are in Kenya 

      PROF. MWAKIO TOLE; E.M. Mathu (ELSELVIER, 1985)
      The geology of the IthangaHillsarea is composed of high grade late Precambrian metamorphic rocks of the Mozambique belt, Tertiary (?) volcanics, largely tuffs, that overlie the Mozambiquian rocks unconformably and Recent ...
    • The kinetics of dissolution of zircon (ZrSiO4) 

      The dissolution of amorphous zircon obeys first order kinetics, and, over long periods of time decreases due to precipitation of new phases from solution. The dissolution reaction has an activation energy of 12.8 K cal/mole. ...
    • The kinetics of dissolution of nepheline (NaAlSiO4) 

      Antonio C Lasaga; Carlo Pantano; William B White; PROF. MWAKIO TOLE (ELSELVIER, 1986)
      Nepheline shows first order, congruent dissolution rates, followed by a lowering of the rates due to precipitation of new phases from solution, initially aluminium hydroxides, and later, as the activity of silica in solution ...
    • Thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of formation of bauxites. 

      Experiments in which cleavage nepheline samples were reacted with aqueous solutions at fixed pH's and temperature were carried out in the laboratory. The chemistry of the solution as a function of time was monitored, as ...
    • Lowenthalpygeothermalsystems in Kenya 

      The location of Kenya's geothermal fields is shown. The chemistry of the lowenthalpy fields is given and reservoir temperatures estimated from these data. The most promising of these fields are the Mwananyamala, Homa ...
    • Mineral status of dual-purpose goats and forage in Western Kenya 

      L.M. Musalia; P.P. Semenye; H.A. Fitzhugh (small ruminant research, 1989-04)
      Concentrations of minerals in blood of dual-purpose goats (DPG) and forages, commonly consumed by goats in western Kenya, were analyzed. Daily mineral intake from forage was estimated using dry matter intake of DPG in that ...
    • Stableisotopestudies of some lowenthalpygeothermalsystems in Kenya 

      Oxygen and hydrogen isotope compositions of some lowenthalpygeothermalsystems in Kenya have been determined. Plots on View the MathML source versus δD diagrams show that the compositions do not deviate appreciably from ...
    • Presentdayoredeposition in the geothermalsystems of kenya—i. the mwananyamalahotsprings, northeast of jombohill, coastprovince 

      The Mwananyamalageothermal field extends over an area of 4 km x 11 km in a region of faulted Permo—Triassic sandstones. The sandstones consist of deltaic arkoses, and fluvio-lacustrine shales, siltstones and sandstones. ...
    • Geochemicalstudies of the geothermal systems in Kenya: II. The Majimoto geothermal field 

      Tole, Mwakio P. (Elsevier, 1992)
      The Majimoto geothermal field discharges at the boundary between metamorphic schists and gneisses of Precambrian age, and Pleistocene volcanic ashes. The waters are near neutral, low salinity waters. Calculated ...
    • Fluid/mineralequilibriumcalculations for geothermalfluids and chemicalgeothermometry 

      PROF. MWAKIO TOLE; Halldór Ármannsson†; Pang Zhong-He‡; Stefán Arnórsson§ (ELSELVIER, 1993)
      Aquifer temperatures of 13 geothermal wells in Iceland whose measured reservoir temperatures range from 47 to 325°C have been estimated from the chemical composition of the discharged fluid by considering simultaneously ...
    • Geothermalenergy research in Kenya: a review 

      Geothermalenergy for electricity generation is likely to become increasingly important in Kenya in the future. There are numerous centres of thermal activity in Kenya, particularly within the Rift Valley, although aridity ...
    • Pollution of groundwater in the coastal Kwale District, Kenya 

      Mwakio p. tole (IAHS,, 1997)
      Groundwater is a “last-resort” source of domestic water supply at the Kenya coast because of the scarcity of surface water sources. NGOS, the Kenya government, and international aid organizations have promoted the drilling ...
    • ChemInform Abstract: Birch Reduction of Electron-Deficient Pyrroles. 

      T. J. DONOHOE; P. M. GUYO (Wiley Online Library, 1997-03-11)
      ChemInform is a weekly Abstracting Service, delivering concise information at a glance that was extracted from about 100 leading journals. To access a ChemInform Abstract of an article which was published elsewhere, please ...
    • Reduction of electron-deficient pyrroles using group I and II metals in ammonia 

      Timothy J. Donohoe; Paul M. Guyo; Roy L. Beddoes; Madeleine Helliwell (RSC Publishing, 1998)
      The preparation and Birch reduction of a series of electron-deficient pyrroles is described. This methodology allows the synthesis of a variety of C-2 substituted 3-pyrrolines ‡ in good to excellent yields. The role of ...
    • Groundwater resources and sea water intrusion in Kwale District 

      Anyango, SO; Tole, MP; Ucakuwun, EK (CSA, 1998)
      This work describes the results of water quality analysis carried out along the coastal plains of Kwale District, Kenya, to determine the influence of sea water intrusion, the relationship between tidal changes and water ...
    • Kiswahili :past, present, and future horizons 

      Chimerah, Rocha M. (University Press, 1998)
    • The Birchreduction of 3-substituted pyrroles 

      Timothy J Donohoe; Paul M Guyo; Rakesh R Harji; Madeleine Helliwell (ELSELVIER, 1998-05-07)
      The Birchreduction of electron-deficient 3-substituted pyrroles is described. Use of a reductive alkylation procedure involving sodium metal in liquid ammonia gave good yields of 4-alkyl-2-pyrrolines. The identity of these ...
    • The stereoselectiveBirchreduction of pyrroles 

      Timothy J. Donohoe; Paul M. Guyo; Madeleine Helliwell (ELSELVIER, 1999-01-15)
      The Birchreduction has been applied to electron-deficient pyrroles substituted with a chiral auxiliary at the C-2 position. Using either 8-phenylmenthol ortrans-2-(α-cumyl)cyclohexanol (TCC) as auxiliaries, high levels of ...
    • 11α-Hydroxy muzigadiolide, a novel drimane sesquiterpene from the stem bark of warburgia ugandensis 

      Rajab, S. Mohamed; Ndegwa, M.John (Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia, 1999-12-03)
      The plant was identified by Prof. MS Rajab by comparison with a preserved standard specimen at the National Museum I-lerbarium in Nairobi, Kenya. .