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    • Potential impacts of climate change on agriculture and fisheries production in 72 tropical coastal communities 

      Cinner, Joshua E.; Caldwell, Iain R.; Thiault, Lauric; Ben, John; Blanchard, Julia L.; Coll, Marta; Diedrich, Amy; Eddy, Tyler D.; Everett, Jason D.; Folberth, Christian; Gascuel, Didier; Guiet, Jerome; Gurney, Georgina G.; Heneghan, Ryan F.; Jägermeyr, Jonas; Jiddawi, Narriman; Lahari, Rachael; Kuange, John; Liu, Wenfeng; Maury, Olivier; Müller, Christoph; Novaglio, Camilla; Palacios-Abrantes, Juliano; Petrik, Colleen M; Rabearisoa, Ando; Tittensor, Derek P.; Wamukota, Andrew; Pollnac, Richard (Nature Communications, 2022-05-25)
      Climate change is expected to profoundly affect key food production sectors, including fisheries and agriculture. However, the potential impacts of climate change on these sectors are rarely considered jointly, especially ...